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Other Medical Institutions

  • Dhaka Medical College
  • Mymensingh Medical College
  • Rajshahi Medical College
  • Rangpur Medical College
  • Sir Salimullah Medical College
  • Sylhet Medical College
  • Barisal Medical College
  • Bangladesh Medical College (private)
  • Jahurul Islam Medical College & Hospital
  • Institute of Applied Health Sciences University of Science and Technology

Other Technical Institutes

  • Leather Technology Institute
  • Bangladesh Textile College



By Air

There are 11 operational airports in Bangladesh. These are Dhaka, Barisal. Chittagomig. Comilla, Cox' s Bazar, Ishurdi, Jessore, Rajshahi, Syedpur, Sylhet and Thakurgaon. Of these, the airports at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet serve international routes.

Biman, the national carrier, links all major towns with and cities with Dhaka. Recently, some private airlines have also started operating between Dhaka and other cities.

One can learn more about traveling to Dhaka by air or one can also look up airline web sites from the Virtual Bangladesh directory.


A River Ferry

Since Bangladesh is a riverine country, river transport is the most popular and common mode of transport. The navigable waterways vary between 8372 kilometer during the monsoon to 5200 kilometer during the dry season. Inland transport is mainly operated by the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC), which operates the large car ferries.

There are seasonal difficulties in the navigability of rivers and canals for the traditional country boats that constitute the great bulk of the merchant fleet, but geography and history have made these craft the preferred means of moving goods between the ports on the Bay of Bengal and the interior and between surplus and shortage regions of the country.

No trip in Bangladesh is complete unless you have taken the "Rocket" service from Dhaka to the southern parts of Bangladesh. The vessels running this route are original paddle steamers.

City Transport

Travelling in and around Dhaka isn't as easy as in other countries if you are expecting to take taxis everywhere. Recently a large number of metered taxis (both with and without A/C) has been introduced in Dhaka. Yellow taxis have airconditioning while black ones do not. Large hotels might have their own fleet, or have a Hertz or other car rental office.

One can try the Baby Taxis, the bone shattering motorized three-wheelers, or the mishuk, a modified motorized version of the ubiquitous Ricksha.

For short trips around town, and if you have plenty of time, I would most wholeheartedly recommend that you try a rickshaw; the human pedaled vehicle is ever present and will take you to most anywhere. It would be unlikely that a rickshA wAlla will speak English, so you will have to be prepared for some interesting bargaining.